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SHAMANIC HEALING is a method to restore personal power or to remove spiritual intrusions. This healing method is birthed from Shamanism - the first spiritual practice known to humankind.

According to healer and author, Sandra Ingerman, the word “Shaman” is of Siberian roots and refers to a “spiritual healer”. It means “One who sees in the dark, one who knows.”

The role of the shaman is to see and identify what is out of balance – and use shamanic means to bring balance back to people, places or land.

“Shamanic means” refers to healing through journeying, soul retrievals, extractions, power animal retrieval, as well as psychopomping – which is helping the deceased cross over into other worlds.

The shamanic path is the path of personal power and authenticity. As we connect with the hidden realms and the spirit helpers, they help us heal and empower us. We get to see the areas of our lives where we have abandoned ourselves and we reclaim our souls and our power.

SHAMANIC JOURNEYING is used to access spiritual guidance and healing, to reconnect to nature and its cycles and rhythms. Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds (non-ordinary reality) beyond ordinary reality in order to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives, from spirituality and health to work and relationships.

What to Expect in a Session

During a shamanic healing session, Linda connects with her spirit helpers and is guided to perform healings where needed to remove energy that is no longer serving the individual and restore power back.

After a shamanic healing session, clients report an immediate feeling of fullness and begin to notice changes in their lives. Feel free to read the experiences of others on our Google Review page.

Linda Kang

Shamanic Healing Types

Shamanic Extraction

Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness.

Using a rattle, Linda is able to pinpoint an area of the body where energy no longer belongs and removes it. She then fills with space with power using a drum.

This treatment is recommended first if one is new to shamanic healing. This treatment can be performed monthly, depending on the individual and their path to healing. This treatment is also available as a long distance service for those who are unable to come in-person.

Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that part of the soul is free to leave the body. Soul fragments leave the body to protect itself from damaging situations either emotional or physical. If the soul does not return on it’s own, a shaman must intervene and return the soul essence.

In this treatment, Linda journeys to non-ordinary reality in search of a soul fragment that is ready and willing to return. With the help of her spirit guides, she receives direction and messages which she shares upon returning from the journey.

When Linda returns from the journey, she blows the soul essence back into your body. She then rattles to allow the soul fragment to settle into the body.

This treatment is recommended for (but not limited to) people feeling incomplete, stuck, unable to move forward on some issue, and those who have had surgery.

Soul retrievals are powerfully healing and restores power. This treatment is not recommended monthly, but perhaps, once every three to six months, or, once a year.

There is preparation required for this service where you must set an healing intention and repeat it daily for one week prior to the session. Following this healing, a grounding ceremony must be performed which involves returning energy back to nature, ie. Burying nuts for squirrels, or fruit for deers, etc. More information will be provided during the session.This treatment is also available as a long distance service for those who are unable to come in-person.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animals bring us power and become our Guides. When someone has experienced a loss of power in their life, ie. divorce, the loss of a job, or any other modern-day event, then a power animal retrieval would be beneficial. In this treatment, Linda journeys to non-ordinary reality to meet a compassionate and healing guide for you that will restore power. This power animal will bring you gifts and powers that you can use when needed in your life.

When Linda returns from the journey, she blows these gifts back into your body. She then rattles.

This treatment can be done monthly for a period of time. Power animals serve as spirit helpers and as guides. We can have several helpers and can call upon them during specific situations in our life.

This treatment is also available as a long distance service for those who are unable to come in-person.

Return of Stolen Soul Pieces

Just like people unconsciously send energy that does not serve us, we can also unconsciously take power (soul pieces) from others to help fuel and power us - at certain times in our lives.

In this session, Linda will journey to see how many soul pieces need to be returned and release them from your being. At times, descriptions of the soul piece is available, ie. age it was stolen or the situation, etc. This session will release baggage from your subtle body - and also, restore power back to the people who lost them.

This treatment can be done occasionally. This treatment is also available as a long distance service for those who are unable to come in-person.

Shamanic Journeying - course

Shamanic journey is used to access spiritual guidance and healing, to reconnect to nature and its cycles and rhythms.

Purpose of this Learning

The intention for this course is to share information so you can have access to your own spiritual guidance.

To hold space while you explore shamanic journeying – helping you connect to your compassionate healing guides and to offer guidance to create an opportunity for deep healing and enlightenment.

To offer consistent support and guidance throughout the next four weeks (and beyond, if desired) as you learn, explore, heal and regain personal power.

To introduce you to a broader scope of the world of core shamanism, directing you to research of Animal Guides and their traits, connecting with nature and creation of protective and power tools.

This learning and my role is not to train you to become a shaman. But how to bring a core shamanism practice into your life so you can begin to have access to your own spiritual guidance. In the first lesson, you will be guided on how to retrieve a new Power Animal.

  • Course fee: $725
  • Course format: 4 lessons (75 mins sessions).
  • Preferably, 4 consecutive weeks.

This course is intended for those who have worked with me for several sessions and feel called to explore another side of themselves. It is for those who are interested in continuing their personal development on another level. It is a requirement that the interested individual be willing or has done some personal work beforehand.

It is also a requirement that alcohol and the use of recreational drugs be paused for the duration of this training to keep the channel clear and to be able to access your power with the clearest connection possible. Please note, with each interested student, Linda will journey to her Guides to inquire if it is currently a good time for you to take this training. To inquire about this training, please contact:

Full payment is required at time of booking to show commitment to the training and to allow Linda to prepare.

Acceptable payment methods: cash, etransfer (to email above), debit and credit card (an invoice via Square can be provided)

Session Preparation

Please refrain from drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs 24 hours before any of the sessions. And, to optimize the healing process, please refrain from the same 24 hours after.

Additional Preparation and Intention Setting instructions are here.

If you feel called to send me a statement regarding the intention for your healing session, then, feel free to write. My response will be limited to 1-3 lines. The purpose would be to have your intention witnessed.

Cancellation policy

24-hours notice is required to cancel your appointment. If under 24-hours notice is provided, a $50 fee will be charged to cover the cost of room rental fee incurred.


Receipts for Professional Development can be issued for Shamanic Healing sessions to be reported on the self-employment schedule (T2125) of your personal tax return, if this applies. This service/receipt is not claimable under Medical Expenses.

Shamanic Healing Service Options

Shamanic Healing
  • 1hr - $150
  • Choice of
  • Shamanic Extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Return of Stolen Soul Pieces

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Shamanic Healing
  • 2hrs - $250
  • Includes
  • Shamanic Extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Reiki
  • with Chakra Reading

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Shamanic Journeying
  • 4wks - $725
  • Training course
  • Learn to connect your intuition and see beyond the physical world. Use these skills to gain insights, for self-guidance, to continue healing.

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If you are having trouble deciding which session to book, please reach out.

Post session suggestions

Please create space in your schedule after any shamanic healing treatment. See REIKI page for additional Post treatment suggestions.

If you are experiencing ungrounding or anything unusual (to you), feel free to reach out. A distance journey may be required and with it a distance healing to settle the energy. This service is offered after the first session only, if required, as new clients may not yet possess the coping tools to self-soothe til our next appointment. Subsequent distance inquiries will be charged a fee, depending on the scope of the work done. Though a prayer will be said on your behalf, the distance work may be delayed and scheduled on a work day.

Contact outside of appointment times
Contact via email is preferred. Email Linda at

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