Yoga + Mobility

Linda’s yoga practice began in 1998 seeking relief from low back pain. She attended a Hatha class religiously once a week for several years at a local gym where she found release, meditation and community.

Linda’s official yoga training was completed in 2011 in the ashtanga yoga system, where she found a daily practice that offered a disciplined daily routine (mysore), inspiring teachers and tremendous growth physically, mentally and spiritually.

She continued her studies and practice in other lineages of yoga such as hatha, chakra, restorative, and other healing modalities, including Reiki, craniosacral, ayurveda, fascial release, hands-on adjustment training, anatomy and joint mobility, etc., and has now cultivated an experience in class that allows the mind to ground, the body to open and the spirit to grow. (Please visit ABOUT ME to view full training/education background.)

Paying homage to her first teacher and the immense healing it brought to her life, Linda’s classes always focus on spine movements and joint mobility, offering low back release and hip balancing techniques in hopes of relieving pain and resetting natural systems in the body.

A typical class, sometimes dubbed “yoga therapy”, incorporates a breathing exercise (pranayama), simple rocking motions to coax open channels that may be blocked or closed (finding your stillpoint), joint circles (mobility), a flow sequence connecting the breath to movement (ashtanga/hatha) - creating a moving meditation (trance), functional stretch and then, rest. When available, she uses props (blocks, balls, straps) to create a complete healing experience.

Yoga Flow
with Ashtanga Beat

Wednesdays at 6:15pm (1hr)

3-week sessions - all via Zoom

We move to the flow of the lunar calendar and take rest the week of the New Moon when energies naturally wane.

A flow class to get you moving and connected to the breath. Inspired by the ashtanga yoga system, we will move and breathe to the beat of a drum. This class is designed as a moving meditation to help clear your mind, develop awareness and build strength.

Ideal for participants who are already familiar with basic yoga poses (downward dog, forward fold, chair, warrior I, warrior II, plank, etc.). Contact Linda if you are unsure.

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Mobility Flow
for Low Back + Hips

Wednesdays at 7:30pm (1hr)

3-week sessions - all via Zoom

The purpose of this class is to alleviate back pain and hip imbalances with light movements, joint work, and functional and fascial stretching. A safe low back core sequence will also be incorporated weekly. Certain muscles/muscle groups may be targeted and may create soreness. Please create some space or ease in the days that follow.

This class is for anyone who lives with low back pain or is recovering from a low back injury, hip pain and imbalances and sciatic/nerve pain. It is also a great class for anyone seeking a slower paced class and to restore.

All levels of fitness are welcome - Begin where you are and build joint capacity and flexibility over the time.

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Chakra Yoga
Gentle movement + meditation

Private 1-on-1 session series  
$135.60  (Includes HST) - 7 week series

This series has a more spiritual side than physical fitness. (See Yoga Flow with an Ashtanga Beat for a more physical practice.)

Each session incorporates poses designed to open all seven energy centres (chakras) from head to toe. There will be light movement, rocking, circles, a core sequence for the Power Centre, and guided meditations. There is also an emphasized focus on one chakra per week to understand its energetic aspects - and what it looks like when it is deficient, in excess and balanced.

Great for beginners of movement and meditation. Amazing if you're seasoned and just need a refresher or to try something new.

Please email for date/time preferences, ie. one class per week for 7 weeks.

To inquire about attending one of Linda's yoga classes in the Toronto area, email

For online yoga class options, please follow    lit_linda_life

  1. Communication via EMAIL is PREFERRED.
  2. Streamlining communication types to EMAIL is IMPERATIVE if action is required on your message. Please email Linda at Replies from Instagram, FB messenger, Whatsapp cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Appointment bookings via the online booking system are preferable. However, please feel free to contact Linda if you are unsure which Service to book, or, if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the booking systems.
  4. BEFORE A SESSION - Communication prior to a session to discuss which course of treatment to choose is limited to a 10 min phone call or a paragraph (3-4 lines of text), followed by a response with Linda's recommendation on best session type or course of treatment to book.
  5. AFTER A SESSION - Email queries after a session will be responded to within a reasonable timeframe. If you have not heard from Linda after 48 hours (within Mon-Fri), please write back (as it may be a technical issue). Replies will include a complete response of up to three sentences. If a more in-depth response is required, Linda will recommend booking a follow up session.
  6. BOUNDARIES - Asking Linda to divine information prior to a session is a breach in boundaries, and will not be provided. Professional boundaries will always be maintained to ensure Linda's focus remains on your spiritual well-being, healing journey and path to a life in high vibration. Please monitor yourself and manage your energy expenditure, as well as your expectations accordingly.