Let it Flow Writing

Linda offers Let it Flow Writing - an exercise that aims to enable the writer to build up enough momentum to blast past blocks into uninhibited flow. Once the prompt is read, the writing begins - Pen never stops and never leaves the page..

While we have something to say and the ability to say it, our mental wellspring may be blocked by apathy, self-criticism, resentment, anxiety about deadlines, or just anxiety, fear of failure or censure or other forms of resistance. Let it Flow Writing allows the writer’s thought process to loosen and limber and write freely without feeling the pressure of producing or performing.

For some, the continuous movement allows the mind to shift gears and travel to a different neurological pathway where a wealth of new information gets tapped into, or an old, seemingly insignificant memory surfaces. These are examples of the jewels of the writing process, for some - it becomes a healing process, and others, a path to tap into the True Self where guidance and a new voice can emerge.

Each Let it Flow Writing session is 40-mins and offers 2 writing prompts. There is no option to share in this segment to adhere to the creation of a safe space and keep the pressure of performing/producing off.

The session can be lengthened to 1.5 hrs by signing up for the 50-mins add-on (see below “Offering”) which lengthens the session to allow more time for participants to share, comment on what they just wrote, craft their work (ongoing project or recent work), or just continue to write in silence amidst the chatter of group members. In essence, staying zoomed in will allow you to become part of a writing group.

Who would benefit from these sessions?


In general, the types of people who participate tend to be those who journal, write or aspire to write. Others who participate find relief in this form of exercise as it allows space for a mental dump and to work things out subconsciously. For many, the Let it Flow method allows participants to explore a different avenue of thought and for some, creates a spark in creativity. It is a time to push “stuff” out and release, as opposed to ingest - as many of us tend to do with TV and social media, etc.


$20 per participant per class:  Once a week - 40 mins
$5 add-on per participant per class:  50 mins - to work on/revise a project you are working on (total time online: 1.5 hrs)

Session dates typically run in 4 week sessions repeating monthly

Some thoughts for you, the writer

A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, not because she has amazing talent, and, not because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.


A creative act enhances the beauty of the world; it gives something to the world, it never takes anything from it. A creative person comes into the world, enhances the beauty of the world – a song here, a painting there. He makes the world dance better, enjoy better, love better, meditate better. When he leaves this world, he leaves a better world behind him. Nobody may know him; somebody may know him – that is not the point. But he leaves the world a better world, tremendously fulfilled because his life has been of some intrinsic value.

Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the ForcesWithin

Money, power, prestige, are uncreative; not only uncreative, but destructive activities. Beware of them! And if you beware of them you can become creative very easily. I am not saying that your creativity is going to give you power, prestige, money. No, I cannot promise you any rose-gardens. It may give you trouble. It may force you to live a poor man’s life. All that I can promise you is that deep inside, you will be the richest man possible; deep inside, you will be fulfilled; deep inside, you will be full of joy and celebration.

Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

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