January 15, 2019

Power Animal Retrieval – my first time

By sparkignite

One of the first times I retrieved a Power Animal for someone was during the first class (a weekend retreat) for (for simplicity sake, we’ll call it) “shaman school”. We were given instructions then partnered up. My partner was stationed across from me, so I made my way over to her.

At the start of each journey, we go to a place, an earthy place. For me, it is a nice patch of grass in a beautiful garden in front of a white marble bench. I enter the Underworld (non-ordinary reality) from there.

Immediately when I entered, I saw the face of a Cheetah – a yellow cat with black spots. If I was watching TV, the face of this Cheetah would fill the entire screen.

As I said made note of this feline n my head, I watched letters in CAPS pop up in front of the Cheetah’s face: JAGUAR.

The letters that formed the word entered in from the bottom left rose upward hovering over the Cheetah’s forehead, then dropped down like a roller coaster and disappeared.

As I saw the words pop up, I immediately thought to myself: “That’s not a Jaguar. Jaguar’s are black. It’s a Cheetah.”

I continued on the journey to complete the rest of the steps involved to confirm this was my partner’s Power Animal, including sitting with Cheetah to ask what gifts it brings to my partner.

I made my way out of the Underworld carrying her gifts in my arms to present to her. When my partner and I awakened from the journey, I shared with her what I saw minus the word JAGUAR popping. I led with I seeing a yellow cat with black spots and told her that her Power Animal was a Cheetah. She interrupted and asked: “Are you sure it wasn’t a Jaguar?”

I paused and looked at her wondering if she could read my mind. “That’s so weird that you ask because the word JAGUAR did pop up. But, I dismissed it because Jaguars are black.”

“Hang on,” she said. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a piece of paper and flipped it over. As preparation for the retreat, one of the pieces of prep was to bring a picture of your power animal or animals. “Did it look like this?”

It was photo from the internet of a yellow cat with black spots.

Yes,” I said. “That’s what I saw. A Cheetah.

Linda, this is a jaguar,” she said.

My breath caught for a moment as the magnitude of the situation caught up with me. I realized there were Forces at work here that couldn’t be explained. Well, they could be explained by simply saying “Holy shit, I’m psychic!” Just joking. I would never say that. It’s more like somehow I saw something and it was good information, and it came from nowhere – maybe, not even nowhere. Maybe from Somewhere…

I felt goosebumps in the back of my neck.

Despite all this awareness, I said: “But, I thought Jaguars were black. And Cheetahs are the only cats that are yellow and spotted.”

“In some places, like Central America, Jaguars are spotted or coloured,” my partner said. She pointed back at the picture. “Is this what you saw?”

“Yes,” I confirmed.

We sat for a moment in silence.

But, I thought Jaguars were black. And Cheetahs are the only cats that are yellow and spotted.

In some places, like Central America, Jaguars are spotted or coloured…

In the pause, I realized there were Powers at work. And I was totally blown away – like, Whoa. One, showing me what I asked – a visual of my partner’s Power Animal. The Other, knew how my mind worked or how what I knew and what I didn’t know. “It” knew I would think this yellow spotted feline was a Cheetah, and so, “It” decided to send me a message in CAPS, just to make sure I get it right….I say again: Whoa.

She broke the silence first. “That’s interesting,” she said, “because a few months ago, I had a soul retrieval and he retrieved a Jaguar for me as well.”

“Daniel?” I asked. “Did you ask him if it was spotted?”

“Yes and No, I didn’t,” she replied.

“Let’s find him and ask,” I said.

We looked around the room and saw him at the snack station.

“Daniel,” my partner called. “The jaguar you retrieved for me a few months back – Do you recall what colour it was?”

“Spotted,” he said without hesitation.

My partner and I looked at each other eyes wide. Whoa.

If Jaguar is your Totem or Spirit Animal

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If Cheetah is your Totem or Spirit Animal

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