February 1, 2019

How your Power Animal can guide you

Power Animal
By sparkignite

My Power Animals appear when I am working and help me do the healing work necessary. During Extractions, they assist with the removal of energy that no longer serves a person’s highest Good.

Sometimes there is a tag team effort that takes places with my Power Animals – It’s like one is better at doing certain things, like clearing a certain kind of energy than the other, and so, during the Extraction, one will step in to do his/her thing, then, the other will finish it off.

All of them don’t always appear. There is Power Animal that was retrieved for me a few years ago who is rarely present. I forget about her sometimes. But, I know she is always there. And since I started a regular practice, I noticed that she appears when a super deep healing is about to happen, and I’m like “Hey, long time no see.” And she winks at me.

Whenever I journey, I am always greeted by one of them. If I have a general question for a client, friend or myself, there is always one that appears to counsel me. When I do Soul Retrievals, there is at least one that guides me along a path and walks with me until I meet the soul fragment that I am to converse with.

In everyday life, I call upon my Power Animals (spirit guides) when I need. Whether it is to help me be seen and heard – so the people around me hear my “roar” or “growl”. Mostly, though, I am in the backgound listening, poised; Seen but not always actively participating.

Power Animals are around to support you, give you power with the unique gifts they each posses, and, give you guidance – if you ask.

For a time, you can embody characteristics of that animal for better health, to heal, for power. For example, if your power animal is a bear – know that winter is not the best time for you to start new projects. Winter is the time when Bear hibernates. So, set your plans in motions in the spring.

Your power animal may be Elk (also part of the Deer and Moose family) – gentle and innocent creatures with a quiet regal presence. They are herbivores. So, maybe if you are experiencing digestive issues, switch your diet to vegetarian to bring out Elk medicine. Unlike Bear, the cycle of power for Elk is autumn and spring.

Your power animal is a sacred being. With the sacred nature of this spirit guide, know that sometimes sharing what it is with certain people may diminish it’s power (and your power). So, please be selective, prudent even, with who you share this information with.

With time, you can build a relationship with your Power Animal – get to know him or her. Learn if it is a him or a her? What are his favourite foods – for offering purposes. Learn his habits. Ask how can he assist you best.

If you talk to the animals
they will talk with you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
And what you do not know, you will fear.
What one fears, one destroys.

Chief Dan George