April 2020

So Surreal! – COVID

covid 19
By sparkignite

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to put something together to let you know that I am thinking about you. I hope you are well and will stay well. Things are so quiet now, don’t you think? Beyond the anxiety and stress that COVID is generating, there is an anxiety in the silence and the isolation. If you’re the type of person who values productivity based on how busy you keep yourself and how you maintain a non-stop work pace, how are you defining yourself now? How well are you switching gears and experiencing the silence, isolation and stillness?

There is a huge shift coming to humanity. You have all personally experienced Reiki and what happens in the stillness and quiet. We start to mentally digest all our experiences, reorganize and release things, and ultimately, create a space for our conscious and subconscious minds to meet and integrate. This space also allows us to create an opening for our Higher Self to come forward – the voice that is always trying to guide us toward what is best for us.

I propose we offer our support to those who are just now starting to slow down and maybe even begin their spiritual quest. Offer to hold space for them by listening and comforting and sharing the experiences that led you to here. I feel the flicker of a spiritual evolution and I am very interested to see how the world lights up because of it.

To help those of you who are energetically sensitive and are in need of a healing, I have created two new DISTANCE SESSIONS: