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Take an evening, a day or a weekend for self-care, personal development, reconnection and healing. Below are offerings in Reiki training and Restoration. Additional Learnings/Experiences in Shamanic Healing to come.

REIKI 1 (one-day) training

This is a one-day introductory course in Reiki Energy Healing (Usui System).

In this course, you will learn what Reiki is, how it works, where it came from and how to use it for personal growth. Learn about the history of Reiki and your Reiki lineage. Reiki Energy is about healing – yourself and subsequently, others. Practice connecting or deepening your connection to your intuition, spiritual side and begin to hone your craft for healing.

This course will also teach you how to share Reiki with others. Each student will receive the Level I Reiki Attunement ceremony.

This course is open to anyone.

If you have already been attuned to Reiki I and would like to attend to tune-up, please inquire.

Recommended Prerequisite: a 1-hr Reiki Plus session with Linda

Duration of one-day course: 10am-5pm

Fee:  $423.75 ($375+tax)  Full payment is preferred at time of booking.

Etransfer is preferred: linda@spark-then-ignite.com. Payment by credit card is possible.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Markham  Acu-Pain Clinic  #2 - 2720 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham ON L6B 1K5

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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Markham  Acu-Pain Clinic  #2 - 2720 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham ON L6B 1K5

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  1. Communication via EMAIL is PREFERRED.
  2. Streamlining communication types to EMAIL is IMPERATIVE if action is required on your message. Please email Linda at linda@spark-then-ignite.com. Replies from Instagram, FB messenger, Whatsapp cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Appointment bookings via the online booking system are preferable. However, please feel free to contact Linda if you are unsure which Service to book, or, if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the booking systems.
  4. BEFORE A SESSION - Communication prior to a session to discuss which course of treatment to choose is limited to a 10 min phone call or a paragraph (3-4 lines of text), followed by a response with Linda's recommendation on best session type or course of treatment to book.
  5. AFTER A SESSION - Email queries after a session will be responded to within a reasonable timeframe. If you have not heard from Linda after 48 hours (within Mon-Fri), please write back (as it may be a technical issue). Replies will include a complete response of up to three sentences. If a more in-depth response is required, Linda will recommend booking a follow up session.
  6. BOUNDARIES - Asking Linda to divine information prior to a session is a breach in boundaries, and will not be provided. Professional boundaries will always be maintained to ensure Linda's focus remains on your spiritual well-being, healing journey and path to a life in high vibration. Please monitor yourself and manage your energy expenditure, as well as your expectations accordingly.


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